Byblos Lebanese Restaurant

Osama Kutaini – the executive chef of Buddha-Bar and Baalbek restaurants called me to tell that he is about to open his own restaurant with his brother. Since we had a fruitful working collaboration before it was no question from my side. This was a great task for me because my project management skills were required here as well, I had to find a graphic designer and website developer and a reservation software too, besides the obvious measurement and google/social media setups.

First steps:
After several meetings we came to an agreement that we’ll use Restu for reservation purposes – a reliable company with good connection plus the staff knew their system already. I have created Facebook, Instagram, Google my business and TripAdvisor accounts, however, I’m not in charge for the content. After a full renovation, the restaurant has opened its gates in September 2019.

Our target audiences are 50% locals and 50% tourists since the restaurant has a really nice downtown location – it is easy to find. The cuisine is really special and only a few restaurants offer these types of meal in Budapest so I have a good chance to present the restaurant to the searchers.
Also, competitor and Byblos – brand campaigns are running too.

The system, the website, and social media are up and running. Google Ads are up and running, reviews and recommendations are coming on daily bases. I will do my best to keep this Byblos packed all the time.
I can measure how many people have booked a table, so I can create accurate reports about the sales channels. Later on, I will run Facebook campaigns too.