The mission: 2mom.hu is a high-quality baby equipment webshop that operated as a B2B company but the owner wanted to open towards B2C as well. The products were exclusive and expensive, imported from the Netherlands. The top products were Zazu, A Little Lovely Company, Flow Amsterdam and Waytoplay.

First steps: The webshop engine was just changed from UNAS to Woocommerce, so I had to implement Google Analytics and set up e-commerce in order to see the results. Also, I have implemented Facebook Pixel and connected and imported Woocommerce to Facebook Shop for 2mom.hu.

Strategy: I had several discussions with the owner about the market and the competitors. I launched the usual brand/general/competitor trinity campaigns, which started to work quite well. After a couple of months, Google released Shopping campaigns in Hungary and I was pushing it with all of my clients to implement. Mom and baby products were totally fit for this type of campaign.

Results: 2mom.hu missed a great opportunity to enter Google Shopping in the very beginning. The end of summer is a low season when it comes to babies and baby accessories. Anyway, the company started to bring the results, income is still growing but there is a lot more to do!