A niche application, health “Uber”, essentially located halfway between private and public care. A win-win session for both doctors and patients, as doctors can make money with what they have done for free, and patients can take time out because there is often more fright and a phone. In addition to national coverage, industry coverage, 0-24 availability and other benefits, there is certainly a great future for Medicall.

First steps:
MediCall is a freshly launched start-up, but investors have already seen the opportunity to do so, so they have already supported it fairly well. When I arrived, the first version of the app was already working, there were users and doctors in the system, but the breakthrough was still waiting. My task was to spin the traffic and transactions within the application.

The AdWords account already existed on my arrival, a huge amount of material was gathered in it. Unfortunately, as a result of hitting, they didn’t say enough, they didn’t run long enough, and there were some problems with the settings, as the application changed a lot and more people worked on it. Based on a thorough examination, I found that the whole process had to be split because it was too long. One half of the time it takes to download the app and the other half focuses on content/communication within the app. So the first thing was to get more people to download and register with MediCall. For this, I mainly run Facebook app campaigns, but also added Google Ads, youtube, display, UAC, brand and search ads.

I tried to reduce the cost per download as long as possible, in a month, 2000 new users were able to use the application, which was an increase of 10%. The new version of MediCall came in the spring of 2019. Based on my ideas, the website was redesigned, clean, simple and usable, focusing on mobile usability. I had many new tools to learn and try out, including Firebase.