The mission: Fotológus is a printing studio that can create unique gifts and memories from your photos. Photobook, calendar and many more products are available on their self-service website. Also, they have a store in the heart of Budapest, where additional inquiries are served. They wanted to emphasize their online presence and receive more orders via the website.

First steps: When we joined forces with Fotológus, we were short on time, as we had less than 2 weeks prior to their main season – Christmas. Christmas and New Year – photobook from your own pictures is a great and custom gift to give and to get just like the calendar. So the mission was clear: maximize sales in the upcoming month.

Strategy: I was not happy with the inherited settings and set up – it was too old school and cause many misclicks – which were however related to the topic, but never brought any sales. So my first step was to create a negative list and remove the useless keywords. The second step was the implementations of the new strategy: my idea was to focus on the ROI, not on the CPC. It is very important to understand the right KPIs and try the best to reach them. They had a special agreement with the competitors – not to advertise on each other, so I had to look after this too.

Results: During the high-season, I had no chance to start big changes with Fotológus. The short-term goal was more important than the long term, as this season bring 40% of the yearly revenue. In the beginning of the new year, I have merged the campaigns – so we had smart shopping campaigns, search campaigns, smart display and universal app campaign – quite diverse! I was never happy with the ROI, so my goal was to minimize the monthly budget in the low-season for Fotológus and start a cascading ad-spent as Christmas approaches.