Agroforum is a long-standing farm monthly newspaper. One of the most authentic and important magazines in the country – according to farmers. Currently, generation change is taking place in the whole agriculture, so online presence is becoming more and more important as younger people are already relying heavily on the Internet – on agricultural issues as well.

First step:
The website was updated a few months ago, with updates and new features coming on. Competition is strong, there is a lot of competition, so I have to drive traffic to the site to get to know, register and subscribe to the newspaper. Several tools had to be taken for success.

I have found 4 big groups to target the right people: brand, competition, seasonal, general. After talking about agriculture, I need to keep an eye on what is an interesting topic, whether it is spraying, walnut prices, land law, well, weather, tenders, announcements, and so on. Where appropriate, we also advertise a prize game or a conference. I have also been doing SEO research and consulting, and working with developers, we’ve redefined a couple of settings. Analytics settings have also been made to accurately measure everything.

Since we are talking about a well-known magazine, my job is mainly to generate new readers and subscribers for the page, and to increase the number of visitors. Now, according to Analytics, readers from my segment spend most of their time on the site, look at most subpages and return to the lowest percentage. I hope that in the foreseeable future, Agroforum will become the largest player in the internet world of agriculture.