The mission: Buddha-Bar Hotel Budapest – full online management of a prestigious five-star hotel in the heart of Budapest. My mission was to drive direct bookers to our website. The Hotel was operated by the Hungarian hotel chain Mellow Mood Hotels and was part of the international Buddha-Bar collection, headquartered in Paris, France.

First steps: We were just about to change the booking engine when I joined the company, so the change in our website was urgent. Since this company was in charge of the online media campaigns as well, I had to solve this as soon as possible. I was in charge of Google My Business, TripAdvisor, MailChimp, Expedia TravelAds for Buddha-Bar Hotel Budapest as well. For a short time, we tried to run Yandex PPC campaigns too.

Strategy: My plan was to create websites for each unit (hotel, restaurant 1, restaurant 2), so it’s easier to measure events. The new booking engine had a much better user experience, mobile first and we in-sourced the PPC campaigns. We had 11 types of rooms and suites, my aim was to emphasize the differences and selling points, didn’t hinder the booking procedure, so we had only 1 CTA/page. For allignment, I used HotJar and worked closely with the revenue department to show all our promotions and discounts what we had on the OTAs.TravelClick provided our booking engine and websites were created by WPO Hungary

Results: I managed to overcome the last year’s results in every month. ROI was 5 to 7. The well-established ads account generated 25% of the direct bookings, the budget was easy to plan according to the seasonality. Unfortunately, the website is down, however, the Parisian site is strongly influenced by my ideas Buddha-Bar Hotel.