A trendy, youthful webshop that offers a wide range of services, fast delivery, and customer service. The owner thought it was possible to get more out of their campaigns. My cooperation with started in August 2018. My goal is to maximize ROI and increase transactions.

First steps:
I started handling an account that was received. They were basically operating with well-structured campaigns but were not continuously optimized and new products came in new services. And Ads also provided some new features to be introduced, such as Dynamic remarketing.

After a careful audit, I reconsidered the ads and ad groups. I reorganized the structure and made the account more transparent to really get what the customer is looking for. We paid great attention to our promotional campaigns and even more to the seasonality (Black Friday, Christmas). Of course, I give feedback on demand every month, always trying to meet customer expectations.

So far, nearly all months have doubled the results of the previous year, but the amount spent has hardly increased. The most serious return has been achieved so far. Especially in the winter shopping months. soar and the border is the starry sky.  They referred me to my next client,